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  • Dr. Erhart and Dr. Heer in the waiting area

    Capsule endoscopy (small intestine investigation)

    What you need to know:

Dear Patient,

You have been referred to us by your doctor for a capsule endoscopy investigation. We would like to explain how this procedure works and what you need to know as a patient: Capsule endoscopy is an imaging method used primarily to examine the small intestine. 

In preparation:

Before your small intestine endoscopy, it is important, as for a colonoscopy, for your intestine to be cleaned with a laxative so that the examination can be performed correctly. You will receive precise instructions from us as to how to cleanse your intestines. Your intestinal cleaning begins at home the day before your examination. We will give you the medication you need for intestinal cleaning. Please note that you need to have an empty stomach for your small intestine endoscopy. This means that from when you start taking the laxatives, you may still drink clear fluids but not eat anything else. If you need to take medication on the day of the examination, please bring this with you to your appointment at our practice. If you are unsure about anything, please get in touch with us.


Capsule endoscopy does not require sedation and you can go about your normal everyday life. During the procedure in the practice you swallow a tiny video capsule, which contains an LED camera with lighting, control and transmission electronics. This capsule passes through your entire gastrointestinal tract in the next 8–10 hours and transmits images by radio from the inside of your intestine to the recording device that you wear on a belt. After the investigation, you will eliminate the tiny video capsule in a normal bowel movement and can dispose of the capsule. Once you bring the recording device back to us the following day, we can upload the photos as a video and evaluate them on a computer. You will then have a separate discussion with the responsible doctor.

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