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    Our service area provides information on the safe handling of your data and forms that are required for your endoscopic treatments.

Data privacy and information security

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HIN (Health Into Net AG) guarantees your details are handled confidentially and is considered to be the standard for safe communication in Switzerland. Your referrer can send us sensitive patient data via HIN to

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You receive our invoices from Mediserv. Mediserv is a provider that invoices medical services and is recommended by the Swiss medical association's FMH Services Genossenschaft.

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AD Swiss electronic patient dossier

As a result of a revision to the collective insurance policy (KVG) since 1 January 2022, newly approved doctor’s surgeries are obliged to be connected to the electronic patient dossier (EPD) system. Our practice works with AD Swiss EPD. 

How does the AD Swiss EPD work?

The electronic patient dossier (EPD) is a file system for information relevant to treatment and contains copies of electronic medical history records. Participation in the EPD system does not release doctors from their duty of documentation in the form of a medical history. Patients who open an EPD make their own decision as to which information they wish to share with other healthcare specialists. Federal law regarding the EPD stipulates that doctors participating in the EPD system collect information that is relevant to the patient’s treatment in the EPD. 

Using the decentralised architecture of the EPD, copies of this information are always saved in a decentralised filing location. The filing locations are operated by so-called affinity domains or collectives to which healthcare specialists can connect. In a search process the information can be collected from the filing locations and compiled into a dossier. Compliance with data protection and data security is ensured through a certification process and regular checks. In addition, data is encoded in the file locations and can only be viewed by patients and authorised healthcare professionals.

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Please note the recommendation of our own service page on the topic of “fasting duration”.


Gastroscopy + duodenal tube insertion
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Gastroscopy + argon beamer
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Gastroscopy + dilatation
(DE, EN, IT, FR)


Colonoscopy + argon beamer
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Colonoscopy + dilatation
(DE, EN, IT, FR)


(DE, EN, IT, FR)

pH testing of the oesophagus over 48 h
(Bravo capsule)

(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Information about the reporting requirement for tumour diseases and their precursors in cancer registries

(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Breath testing 

Fructose breath test
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Lactose breath test
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Lactulose breath test
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Endoscopic ultrasound

Upper endoscopic ultrasound
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Lower endoscopic ultrasound
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Capsule endoscopy

(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Ultrasound examinations including contrast-enhanced ultrasound

(DE, EN, IT, FR)

Nutritional medicine

Bioimpedance measurement NRS-2002 score
(DE, EN, IT, FR)

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